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a.1.Peculiar to Greece.
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A Greekish salad with dukkah - the Egyptian nut and spice mix - was more of an assembly job put together from what looked like a bag of salad from the nearby Tesco Metro.
271-73) asks Shakespeare's Marlovian king, and this crushing deflation of his mightiest line seems as much aimed at the system that failed the author of Edward II as at Gaveston's travesty of "the Greekish strumpet" (E2, 9.
Frighted with this confused noise, I rose, And looking from a turret might behold Young infants swimming in their parents' blood, Headless carcasses pil'd up in heaps, Virgins half-dead dragg'd by their golden hair And with main force flung on a ring of pikes, Old men with swords thrust through their aged sides, Kneeling for mercy to a Greekish lad, Who with steel pole-axes dash'd out their brains.