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A city of north-central Colorado north-northeast of Denver. It was founded in 1870 as a cooperative farm and temperance center and named for its patron, Horace Greeley.


(Biography) Horace. 1811–72, US journalist and political leader: founder (1841) and editor of the New York Tribune, which championed the abolition of slavery


(ˈgri li)

1. Horace, 1811–72, U.S. journalist, editor, and political leader.
2. a city in N Colorado. 57,430.
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Noun1.Greeley - United States journalist with political ambitions (1811-1872)Greeley - United States journalist with political ambitions (1811-1872)
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Andrew Greeley has been one of the best-known priests in America: a respected and influential sociologist, a best-selling novelist and an outspoken commentator on public J and church issues for some 50 years.
Yet while foreclosures soared and residential construction withered, downtown Greeley has been undergoing a quiet renaissance.
The author of this laudatory work on the nineteenth-century editor, essayist, and politician, Horace Greeley, seeks to place his subject in clearer relief against the political, intellectual, and social crosscurrents of the day.
Richard Sheff, MD, chairman and executive director of The Greeley Company says there are two different situations where an interim VPMA or CMO might be used.
MR GREELEY, sire of Sussex Stakes winner Reel Buddy, will stand for $35,000 this season, down from his 2004 fee of $50,000.
The Greeley Tribune noted that although a location for the plant has yet to be chosen, ICM officials predict plant construction will only require about seven months.
They've been taught that it's OK by the media and by people like Father Andrew Greeley.
The Greeley Company is a health care consulting and educational services firm.
This pattern may have been generated by helical flows of water that swept sediment away from the center of a rushing stream and deposited it on either side, notes Ronald Greeley of Arizona State University in Tempe.
Michael Harte Hurdles, Sprints Greeley Central HS Greeley, CO
com)-- Keelson Harbour Senior Living, a Vista Prairie community, is pleased to welcome Jean Greeley as Executive Direcor.