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A city of north-central Colorado north-northeast of Denver. It was founded in 1870 as a cooperative farm and temperance center and named for its patron, Horace Greeley.


(Biography) Horace. 1811–72, US journalist and political leader: founder (1841) and editor of the New York Tribune, which championed the abolition of slavery


(ˈgri li)

1. Horace, 1811–72, U.S. journalist, editor, and political leader.
2. a city in N Colorado. 57,430.
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Noun1.Greeley - United States journalist with political ambitions (1811-1872)Greeley - United States journalist with political ambitions (1811-1872)
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Ironically, practitioners have a hard time reconciling how a once trusted colleague could give up medicine to join an administration, says Hugh Greeley of the Greeley Company, a Marblehead, Mass.