Green crab

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(Zool.) an edible, shore crab (Carcinus menas) of Europe and America; - in New England locally named joe-rocker.

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She could understand it--understand the green crabs with white- bleached claws that scuttled before her and which she could see pasturing on green-weeded rocks when the tide was low.
The research on the green shore crab took place in western Canada, but in other areas it is known by other names, including the "European green crab," or simply "green crab" or "shore crab.
ABSTRACT The physiology of ion regulation in the highly invasive European green crab Carcinus maenas has been widely studied, but mostly in constant salinity conditions, and not in context of their molt cycle-dependent sternite coloration.
Weight- carapace width relationship of the Mediterranean green crab (Carcinus aestuarii, Nardo 1847) in Cakalburnu Lagoon, Izmir Bay.
A minimum landing size will be introduced for green crab to be set at 70 mm, and a restriction on the landing of berried (egg bearing) velvet crab.
Mud crab (Scylla serrata) is a mangrove or green crab that commonly found in sheltered waters especially in estuaries and mangrove mud flat area of the littoral throughout the Indo-Pacific region.
Studies conducted at rocky intertidal habitats in Connecticut and Rhode Island found that green crab (Carcinus maenas) abundance declined following the invasion and subsequent increase in abundance of H.
The central importance of this enzyme has been shown through experiments in the blue crab Callinectes sapidus and the green crab Carcinus maenas, where injections of the CA inhibitor acetazolamide (Az) into low-salinity-acclimated crabs disrupt [Na.
Asian shore crabs aren't as much of a menace as the invasive green crab, which are larger and have cleaned out some clam flats in parts of southern and midcoast Maine.
A similar effect has been previously published by Chen et al [9] when they examined the effect of Hg on green crab ALP and Mazorra et al [10] when they examined the effect of [Hg.
For the bones, use a small tan or green crab and shrimp patterns, and for the tarpon, try using similarly colored cockroach patterns.