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The streets were lined with beautiful houses all built of green marble and studded everywhere with sparkling emeralds.
There was a tiny fountain in the middle of the room, that shot a spray of green perfume into the air, to fall back into a beautifully carved green marble basin.
But what interested Dorothy most was the big throne of green marble that stood in the middle of the room.
Its gardens and ample grounds were surrounded by a separate wall, not so high or thick as the wall around the City, but more daintily designed and built all of green marble.
Jim the Cab-horse found himself in possession of a large room with a green marble floor and carved marble wainscoting, which was so stately in its appearance that it would have awed anyone else.
So Uncle Henry and Aunt Em started out alone to explore the grounds, and Dorothy knew that they couldn't get lost, because all the palace grounds were enclosed by a high wall of green marble set with emeralds.
Tenders are invited for Miscellaneous Repair Work Such As Repairing Of Kota Stone, Green Marble Stone Flooring And Repair Of Foot Path In Yamuna Block
The Ak Palace of Erdoy-an turned into a symbol of extravaganza, as evidenced by the Guatemalan green marble used in the design of the building.
The hotel was built in the Renaissance Revival style and the most notable (and fully restored) interior features of the original building include green marble wainscoting, wood paneling and ornamental brass elevator lobby doors.
MELINITE A Sugar filigree B Explosive made from picric acid C Green marble who am I?
Kitchen features two 6-bumer Viking ranges, two SubZero refrigerators, green marble kitchen surfaces, wine cooler, Jacuzzi, 3-zone central A/C, 2-zone heat, two exterior decks and new plumbing, roof, facade and sidewalk.
Participating in the fair for the 29th year, Throckmorton Fine Art presents a selection of pre-Columbian artefacts, including a striking green marble Teotihuacan mask dated 250-450 (Fig.