Green sea

(Naut.) a wave that breaks in a solid mass on a vessel's deck.

See also: Green

References in classic literature ?
It was a hard, long gale, gray clouds and green sea, heavy weather undoubtedly, but still what a sailor would call manageable.
The indescribable interest with which I strained my eyes, as the first patches of American soil peeped like molehills from the green sea, and followed them, as they swelled, by slow and almost imperceptible degrees, into a continuous line of coast, can hardly be exaggerated.
He felt chilled more than he should have been by the chilly dusk falling on the muddy green sea of the soundings from a smoothly clouded sky.
The change, as they turned the corner and entered the crescent known as Himylaya Mansions, was as abrupt as the opening of a window; for they found that pile of flats sitting above London as above a green sea of slate.
After a day of alternate sleep and feeding I was so far recovered as to be able to get from my bunk to the scuttle, and see the green seas trying to keep pace with us.
The most studied of these parasites, Caryospora cheloniae, causes large scale problems in breeding and contributed significantly to mortality rates in mariculture-reared green sea turtles.
In Florida, the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge had nearly 1,150 green sea turtle nests, more than double the record it set two years ago.
An endangered green sea turtle was found dead in Famagusta's Ayia Napa with its shell missing just a few days after a diver uploaded a video on YouTube of a turtle swimming in a nearby area.
You're likely to see flamingos and green sea turtles, flightless cormorants, bright marine iguanas, Espanola lava lizards, hood mockingbirds, swallow-tailed gulls, blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, redbilled tropicbirds, Galapagos hawks, Darwin's finches, waved albatross and even penguins, dolphins, shark and whales.
The Mangrove Natural Reserve (Al Hafiya and Al Qurm reserve) of Kalba is home to a number of rare bird species as well as the endangered green sea turtles and the long-fingered lizard.
The US president and his family enjoyed various activities like releasing four green sea turtles into Hanauma Bay.
The fantasy-filled pictures show a Yellow Sea of lemonade, a Green Sea filled with broccoli and caterpillars, and a Red Sea of ketchup and pizza sauce