vinho verde

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vin·ho ver·de

 (vē′nyō vĕr′dā)
A light and often sparkling red or white wine from northwest Portugal, usually intended to be consumed within a year of its production.

[Portuguese : verde, green, young (because the wine is drunk young) (from Old Portuguese, from Latin viridis) + vinho, wine (from Old Portuguese, from Latin vīnum).]

Vinho Verde

(ˌviːnjəʊ ˈvɜːdɪ)
(Brewing) any of a variety of light, slightly sharp-tasting wines made from early-picked grapes in the Minho region of NW Portugal
[Portuguese, literally: green (or young) wine]
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But his face had a shade on it that looked like the reflection of the green wine gleaming on the table.
Green wine gums would be eaten first, as we set out, since green was my least favourite.
Seminar speaker Shelly Fuller who is the sustainable agriculture fruit & wine programme manager at WWF-SA will share her thoughts about 'a sustainable green wine and olive route: the importance of people, planet and purpose.
This Sommelier Chandelier is made of recycled green wine bottles.
Even visions of red and white checked table cloths and candles in empty green wine bottles crossed my mind.
It conjures up postcard images of a lazy afternoon spent with friends in a garden, checkered table cloths, baguettes and green wine bottles with some banter thrown in.
uk, 0845 330 3330) Bone china white side plates pounds 2 each, bone china white salad bowls pounds 5 each, Wilko Dining green wine glass pounds 2.
I'm very, very proud that they let me put a thoroughly green wine list together.
Many of the wine industry's top executives gathered in the town of Napa to share updates, goals and ideas about the latest trends in the green wine market.
A green wine may be any wine, red or white, that flows from an environmentally friendly tap.
In addition to these systems, the winery used local building materials in the construction of the facility and various water conservation methods--such as drought-tolerant plants and recycled water for irrigation--which contribute to the facility's LEED Gold certification and green wine.
One of my favourite tipples is vinho verde - or green wine - where the grapes are picked late and drunk very young.