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n.1.(Zool.) See Bluefish, and Pollock.
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In this memoir written as a detailed narrative, author Alfred Scott McLaren, a former Cold War submarine commander, offers an account of the activities of three nuclear submarines during the Cold War that gathered intelligence for military purposes but also conducted scientific research: the USS Greenfish, the USS Seadragon, and the USS Skipjack.
Our passion for the potential and players in the Clean and Alternative Energy sector led us to create a dedicated Greenfish Division.
net USS Greenfish SS-351: Ron (Red) Stubbs (417) 532-9451 USS Hale DD-642: Jon Marshall (708) 403-4908; jonmarshall@prodigy.
Developed by sustainable fishing company GreenFish, the CPR Mount's Expansion Lock technology fits most rod-holders, providing a stable platform for taking photos or capturing video.
The GreenFish CPR Mount is ideal for kayaks or small boats, but it can also be an effective sales tool for charter boat captains.
The GreenFish CPR Mount is a significant step for the catch and release movement.
The GreenFish CPR Mount is now available exclusively via the GreenFish website: www.
GreenFish donates five percent of its revenues through its GreenFish Gives program to non-profits that promote the health of world fisheries.
The first lifestyle brand dedicated to promoting sustainable fishing, GreenFish [ www.
Established in 2010, GreenFish is devoted to three primary goals:
One of the key ways GreenFish promotes its catch-and-release message is through stylish gear worn by anglers and other supporters.
GreenFish financially supports partner organizations that share the goal of promoting catch-and-release as a way to protect the environment while promoting fishing.