n.1.(Zool.) An oyster which has the gills tinged with a green pigment, said to be due to an abnormal condition of the blood.
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It is just one mile away from Greengill Farm near the small Cumbrian village of Gilcrux, which was affected by the foot and mouth outbreak.
Chris Shepherd rented Greengill Farm along with his brother.
Bulls: Limousin PS970 Inglewood Bank, PS850 Blenkett Farm, PS850 Barnglies, Simmental PS930, PS915, PS890 Barnglies, Aberdeen Angus PS850 Blenkett Farm, British Blue PS680 (x2) Frizington Parks Farm, Brown Swiss PS550 Frizington Parks Farm, Holstein Friesian PS535 (x4) Pennine View, PS400 (x4) Whitbarrow Farm, PS415 Greengill Bank Farm.
Berrier Head, pounds 310 Askham Hall, pounds 270 High Head Farm, pounds 262 Greengill Head, pounds 222 Kingrigg, pounds 222 Gerrard House, pounds 205 Raughton Head, Bazadaise pounds 260 Riddings Hill, Aberdeen Angus pounds 250, pounds 195 Wampool Grange, Simmental pounds 210 Langrigg Hall, Hereford pounds 145 Peddar Hill, Holstein Friesian pounds 140 (x2) Park House, pounds 140 Cumdivock Farm, pounds 130, pounds 100 (x3) Gaitsgill Hall Farm, pounds 130 Cotegill, pounds 115 Tempest Tower.
While early honours were dominated by the Parboldhall and Greengill prefixes, enthusiasm, quality and numbers continued to grow, resulting in more than one relocation for the event.
Heifers: Limousin pounds 290, pounds 275, pounds 255 Balladoyle, pounds 280 Cadgillfoot, pounds 160, pounds 155 New Mill Farm, pounds 140, pounds 115 Wheatsheaf, pounds 125 Smithy Court, pounds 120 Woodhouse Farm, pounds 110 Nook Farm, Belgian Blue pounds 270, pounds 215 Kinkry Hill, pounds 250, pounds 230 Brecon Hill, pounds 180, pounds 150 Smith Court, pounds 175 Greengill Farm, pounds 165 Burton House Farm, pounds 160, pounds 150, pounds 135 Riggheads, Saler pounds 140 Smith Court, Aberdeen Angus pounds 155 (x3) Smithy Court.
Belgian Blue: pounds 275 (x3), pounds 268, pounds 260 Byegill, pounds 260 The Harras, pounds 260 Kirkbride House, pounds 255 (x2) Gate Farm, pounds 230, pounds 220 Fowrass Farm, pounds 230, pounds 190 Woodclose, pounds 210 Wheatsheaf, pounds 205 Julian Holme, pounds 188 Greengill Farm.
05 from Messrs Dent, Greengill whilst a marvelous consignment of dairy bred cows from Messrs Crowther & Son, West Trailtrow averaged pounds 73.
Heifers: Belgian Blue pounds 190 Skelton Wood End, pounds 175, pounds 165 Low Rigg Farm, pounds 130, pounds 98 Tewthwaite House, pounds 130 West House, pounds 128, pounds 100 Greengill Farm, pounds 110, pounds 92 Woodclose, pounds 105 Watson Hill, Limousin pounds 162 Ewan Close, pounds 140, pounds 120 New Mill Farm, pounds 120 Ewan Close, pounds 120, pounds 115, pounds 108 Townhead Farm, pounds 105 Low Mill, Aberdeen Angus pounds 60 Bank House.