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1. An inexperienced or immature person, especially one who is easily deceived.
2. A newcomer, especially one who is unfamiliar with the ways of a place or group.

[Middle English greene horn, horn of a newly slaughtered animal : grene, green; see green + horn, horn; see horn.]


1. an inexperienced person, esp one who is extremely gullible
2. chiefly US a newcomer or immigrant
[C17: originally an animal with green (that is, young) horns]



1. an inexperienced person.
2. a naive or gullible person.
3. a newly arrived immigrant; newcomer.
[1425–75; orig. applied to cattle with green (i.e., young) horns]
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Noun1.greenhorn - an awkward and inexperienced youthgreenhorn - an awkward and inexperienced youth  
beginner, initiate, tiro, tyro, novice - someone new to a field or activity


noun novice, newcomer, beginner, apprentice, naïf, learner, ingénue, tyro, raw recruit, newbie (slang), neophyte I'm a bit of a greenhorn in the kitchen.


One who is just starting to learn or do something:
Slang: rookie.
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