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(Biography) George Bellas. 1778–1855, English geologist, founder of the Geological Society of London


(ˈgri noʊ)

Horatio, 1805–52, U.S. sculptor.
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Would the truant eyes of Alston or Greenough turn, but for a time, from their gaze at the models of antiquity, to contemplate this wronged and humbled people, little would be left for such inferior artists as ourselves to delineate.
The murder mystery theme was created by Emma Greenough from The Welcome Centre while the Mobsters and Molls theme came from The Pierrot Players, a drama group that specialise in murder mysteries.
Student Numeracy Ambassadors Lisa Mhagrh and Cora Thomson collected the quality mark alongside head of school Tracey Greenough and maths teacher Gemma Gavin.
Synergy and its partner will also jointly develop Stage 2 of the Greenough River Solar Farm south of Geraldton to increase its capacity from 10MW to 40MW.
Louisha Doran made it 2-1 from a Jordanne Greenough assist.
Whether it is bringing a good business sense to the operations of EPIC Behavioral Healthcare, the not-for-profit for which she has served as CEO for 27 years, or taking on key roles with various community organizations, Patti Greenough has been strategic and ambitious in meeting the increasing behavioral health needs of St.
Partner and head of the legal services centre Alan Greenough said: "We have committed to Birmingham by opening our legal services centre here at the beginning of the year and we recognise the importance of being an active part of this region's legal community.
But as Business Insider's John Greenough points out, "The connected car is equipped with internet connections and software that allow people to stream music, look up movie times, be alerted of traffic and weather conditions, and even power driving-assistance services such as self-parking.
In which sport did the Canadian Gail Greenough become the first woman to win the world championship?
and Lucille (Allard) Greenough and grew up and lived in Ware before moving to North Brookfield 44 years ago.
TFashion inspiration comes from the most varied of places, but for young Welsh designer Hari Greenough, the creative muse starts with the Welsh hill farm where he was raised.
Described in 1975 as the 'most highly acclaimed surf movie ever produced in Australia', Crystal Voyager (1973), directed by Albert Falzon and produced by David Elfick, is a documentary portrait of surfer/ inventor/filmmaker George Greenough that exceeds and rewrites 'sober' (informational) documentary representation.