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(Biography) George Bellas. 1778–1855, English geologist, founder of the Geological Society of London


(ˈgri noʊ)

Horatio, 1805–52, U.S. sculptor.
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Would the truant eyes of Alston or Greenough turn, but for a time, from their gaze at the models of antiquity, to contemplate this wronged and humbled people, little would be left for such inferior artists as ourselves to delineate.
It is a highly complex contract and Greenough & Sons is certainly very proud to be working on it.
Jordanne Greenough, pictured (left) in action against Wrexham, scored for Llandudno in their 2-1 win over Aberystwyth PICTURE: TONY MOTTRAM
In which sport did the Canadian Gail Greenough become the first woman to win the world championship?
and Lucille (Allard) Greenough and grew up and lived in Ware before moving to North Brookfield 44 years ago.
Contract awarded for DCS0182014 - Provision of Monitoring and Reporting Services of the Wastewater Facility at Greenough Regional Prison
TFashion inspiration comes from the most varied of places, but for young Welsh designer Hari Greenough, the creative muse starts with the Welsh hill farm where he was raised.
Media Contact Liz Boal Greenough Communications 617.
This was followed on the Saturday by the Club playing a number of games against invitation teams including the Ancient Britons, after which Captain Mike Greenough presented President John Morgan with a commemorative plaque.
PCs Andy Marchi and Ray Greenough are the officers for the Chilvers Coton and Abbey patch and have struck up a winning partnership with the borough councillors in their area.
It reduces lung stiffness and using liquid in the place of air reduces the amount of pressure on the lungs," said Professor Anne Greenough, who is pioneering the new method in Britain.