Greenwich Time

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Green·wich Mean Time

or Green·wich time  (grĕn′ĭch, grĭn′ĭj)

Green′wich Time`

the time as measured on the prime meridian running through Greenwich, England: used in England and as a standard of calculation elsewhere. Also called Green′wich Mean′ Time`.
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Noun1.Greenwich Time - the local time at the 0 meridian passing through Greenwich, EnglandGreenwich Time - the local time at the 0 meridian passing through Greenwich, England; it is the same everywhere
time - the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past
coordinated universal time, UTC - Greenwich Mean Time updated with leap seconds

Greenwich (Mean) Time

nwesteuropäische Zeit, Greenwicher Zeit f
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The Astronomer Royal has fixed the Greenwich time at twelve past six.
At nine o'clock every night, Greenwich time," said Wemmick, "the gun fires.
The silence was profound; but it seemed full of noiseless phantoms, of things sorrowful, shadowy, and mute, in whose invisible presence the firm, pulsating beat of the two ship's chronometers ticking off steadily the seconds of Greenwich Time seemed to me a protection and a relief.
Compiled by the Connecticut Post, Greenwich Time, The News-Times and The Advocate, the list ranks Southwestern Connecticut's top employers, based on size, from small to mid-sized and larger.
All performances will be conducted by Gateway's Music Director Ida Angland, featured last year in a front page article by the Greenwich Time entitled "Leading lady conductor makes her mark in field dominated by men.
How many pips are there on the Greenwich Time Signal?
To date, over 9,000 votes have been cast, with nominees making headlines across the country from the Nottingham Postto the Royal Greenwich Time magazine.
Even though that's $70 million under Copper Beech Farm's initial listing price, real estate agent David Ogilvy tells the Greenwich Time he believes the sum is the most ever paid for a residential property in the United States.
Formal letters have been sent to the five councils responsible for Greenwich Time, Hackney Today, the Newham Mag, Waltham Forest News and (Tower Hamlets) East End Life.
The United States and the European Union have vowed to help Ukraine reduce its dependence on Russia for energy supplies, Greenwich Time reported.
At the midway point was another Hearst Connecticut title, the Greenwich Time, which gained 6.
Officials at the LEO Zoological Conservation Center tell the Greenwich Time (http://bit.

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