grenade launcher

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grenade′ launch`er

any of various devices allowing a single soldier to launch small projectiles, as a shoulder-fired 40 mm weapon.
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Caption: US Army mariners, of the 411th Transportation Company, fire a Mark 19 40mm grenade machine gun at an inflatable target known as a killer tomato.
27--MK 19, 40mm Grenade Machine Gun, MOD 3, Change 1
50 caliber machine gun, the MK19 40 mm grenade machine gun, the MK49 7.
An audible gasp of surprise escapes from the group of Security Forces (SF) members standing behind the firing line as the Mark 19 Grenade Machine Gun unleashes a barrage of 40 mm high explosive fiery death upon its target.
Army's Mk19 40mm grenade machine gun was found to have shrinkage, which required testing to determine whether these defects would affect weapon operation or safety.
But she is armed for self-defense, with an MK 96 stabilized-gun weapon system that provides 25 mm chain gun and 40 mm grenade machine gun firepower, as well as an MK 45 "Snake Eyes" weapon system with an MK 19 40 mm grenade machine gun.
The XM307 is intended to replace the two decades-old MK-19 40 mm grenade machine gun and the World War II-era M2 .