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n.1.Same as Grenade.
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The house being large, and many in it, he did not care to go in, but called for a hand grenado, and threw it among them, which at first frightened them, but, when it burst, made such havoc among them that they cried out in a hideous manner.
HHHHTHE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES CERT 15 126 MINS SUBTITLEDOn January 4, 1952, Ernesto Guevara (Gael Garcia Bernal), the asthmatic 23year-old medical student son of a well to do Argentinean family, and his biochemist best friend, Alberto Grenado (Rodrigo de la Serna), set off from Buenos Aires on the latter's clapped out 1939 Norton 500 - aka The Mighty One - on a Kerouac style romantic idealist's road trip across South America.
To visit an Investor Center, arrange an interview with a Fidelity representative or receive background materials, contact Vicki Anderson Grenado, (972) 584-4261 -0-
Carlos Grenados Chaverri explains the cultural significance behind these differing approaches:
I am a Christian man and for the first time I am thinking of buying a gun," said Ray Grenados, a 50-year-old painter, who on Saturday night held the hand of one of three teenagers wounded in a gang-related shooting in Canoga Park.
Also on exhibit at the Southwest Museum until the end of 1998 is the show "Spirit Horses" which Horse and artist Bernie Grenados jointly organized.