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 (grə-nō′bəl, -nôbl′)
A city of southeast France on the Isère River south-southwest of Chambéry. An ancient Roman city, Grenoble is a noted tourist and skiing center.


(ɡrəˈnəʊbəl; French ɡrənɔblə)
(Placename) a city in SE France, on the Isère River: university (1339). Pop: 156 659 (2008)


(grəˈnoʊ bəl)

a city in SE France, on the Isère River. 169,740.
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Noun1.Grenoble - a city in southeastern France on the Isere RiverGrenoble - a city in southeastern France on the Isere River
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
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Say this to him: `Sire, you are deceived as to the feeling in France, as to the opinions of the towns, and the prejudices of the army; he whom in Paris you call the Corsican ogre, who at Nevers is styled the usurper, is already saluted as Bonaparte at Lyons, and emperor at Grenoble.
Then he turned to the various articles he had left behind him, put the black cravat and blue frock-coat at the bottom of the portmanteau, threw the hat into a dark closet, broke the cane into small bits and flung it in the fire, put on his travelling-cap, and calling his valet, checked with a look the thousand questions he was ready to ask, paid his bill, sprang into his carriage, which was ready, learned at Lyons that Bonaparte had entered Grenoble, and in the midst of the tumult which prevailed along the road, at length reached Marseilles, a prey to all the hopes and fears which enter into the heart of man with ambition and its first successes.
The credit of the execution is due to Monsieur Oscar Meunier, of Grenoble, who spent some days in doing the moulding.
The rumour died down, and the island fell to discussing in all its ramifications the loss of the Grenoble in the China seas, with all her officers and half her crew born and married on Island McGill.
This officer, whose acquired practical wisdom did not allow him to make any journey in vain, had just come from Grenoble, and was on his way to the Grande Chartreuse, after obtaining on the previous evening a week's leave of absence from his colonel.
Informing company managers about the economy of the Grenoble region with the "Presences" magazine.
The tool will help to characterize the sub-45nm logic technologies at CEA-Leti's new Minatec research facility in Grenoble, France.
amp; GRENOBLE, France -- Intelligent conversation with robots - long the bread and butter of science fiction authors - soon may take another step closer to reality for astronauts on the International Space Station.
Prior Information Notice: Acquisition of two surgical microscopes for neurosurgery unit of the university hospital of grenoble.
Contract notice: Fire safety, assistance and people guarding the university stendhal grenoble alpes attractions - 3 and sid2 grenoble - grenoble 2.
Nasdaq:TRKN), today announced the shipment of Sigma fxP metal deposition equipment to CEA Leti, the Laboratoire d'Electronique de Technologie de l'Information centered in Grenoble, France.
Contract award: acquisition of hemodialysis generators for outpatient dialysis unit of the university hospital of grenoble.