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 (grĕn′vĭl′, -vəl), George 1712-1770.
British political leader who as prime minister (1763-1765) instigated the Stamp Act (1765), which provoked rebellious activities in the American colonies.


, Sir Richard 1542?-1591.
English naval officer who commanded the fleet carrying the first colonists to Virginia (1585) and organized the English defense against the Spanish Armada (1588). He was killed in a battle that pitted his ship against 15 Spanish ships.


1. (Biography) George. 1712–70, British statesman; prime minister (1763–65). His policy of taxing the American colonies precipitated the War of Independence
2. (Biography) Kate. born 1950. Australian writer. Her novels include Lilian's Story (1985), The Idea of Perfection (2002), and The Secret River (2005)
3. (Biography) Sir Richard. ?1541–91, English naval commander. He was fatally wounded aboard his ship, the Revenge, during a lone battle with a fleet of Spanish treasure ships
4. (Biography) William Wyndham, Baron Grenville, son of George Grenville. 1759–1834, British statesman; prime minister (1806–07) of the coalition government known as the "ministry of all the talents"


(ˈgrɛn vɪl)

George, 1712–70, British prime minister 1763–65.
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Only the last ship, the Revenge, commanded by the Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Grenville, lost the wind and was caught between two great squadrons of the Spanish.
To this he so much the better condescended as well, as I have said, for fear of further loss and mischief to themselves, as also for the desire he had to recover Sir Richard Grenville, whom for his notable valour he seemed greatly to honour and admire.
As long as brave deeds are remembered, it will be told how Sir Richard Grenville "walled round with wooden castles on the wave" bid defiance to the might and pride of Spain, "hoping the splendour of some lucky star.
Synopsis: Grenville Clark ((November 5, 1882--January 13, 1967) was born to wealth and privilege in Manhattan, where his maternal grandfather, LeGrand Bouton Cannon, was an industry titan, retired Civil War colonel, and personal friend of Abraham Lincoln.
Grenville Management and Printing announced the acquisition of NCO Technologies, the largest dealer of Canon Imaging Systems in Ontario, for an undisclosed amount.
Area deprived of play centre") accuses the Echo of being "misleading" in its article about plans for the Grenville (January 15).
Today Jessica Flynn has searched for fallen servicemen who lived in Waterloo Road, Deri Road, Stallcourt Avenue, Grenville Road and Trafalgar Road, Cardiff.
com)-- Grenville Engineering (Stoke-on-Trent) Ltd, the leading complete fabrication solution provider celebrates its 30 year anniversary.
Again and again, Grenville surprises us--as in the reference to one of Goebbels' senior staff publicly writing already in 1933 about Madagascar as a solution for the Jewish problem.
He briefed his colleagues on the Grenville situation in a closed session.
Grenville, whose ancestors went through much the same thing, magnificently and intimately portrays what happens when two sets of people, each totally ignorant of the other's culture, clash over land.
We've got them doing various things, like refurbishing the disabled toilets and working with the animals, and hopefully it will help them get some confidence to get new qualifications and turn their lives around," added Grenville.