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Those who had never heard of Gobseck would have felt, on reading words which compelled him to whom they were addressed to obey, yet gave no order, the presence of the implacable money- lender of the rue des Gres.
Fortum's President and CEO Pekka Lundmark said: "With the commissioning of Chelyabinsk GRES.
As some GREs are highly indebted, it will be important to continue managing upcoming debt repayments proactively, including using timely communication to guide market expectations.
The second exemption is for GREs that are rated 'BBB-' and above, are profitable, and can service their debt obligations from their own resources without a need for any implicit or explicit government support.
It said the upgrade was due to its new status as a GRE, saying it saw the bank as has having a "very important" role in the local economy.
The prevalence of government control of local banks that are heavily involved in lending to GREs, as well as concentration risk in some banks, highlights the potential for governance issues.
The new debt management policy institutionalises an oversight framework and does not represent a shift in the sovereign support to strategic GREs," said Jean Michel Saliba, Mena economist at BofA Merrill Lynch.
which (45%) will be spent on executing projects on upgrading equipment at Reftinskaya GRES and Sredneuralskaya GRES.
Standard & Poor's rates five Dubai-based companies that it considers to be GREs under its criteria: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, DP World Ltd.
Meeting these obligations will continue to require a mix of restructuring, refinancing, asset sales, new funding and an improvement in GRE revenues.
Once in the nucleus, GR binds as a homodimer in a head-to-head manner to its cis-acting DNA recognition element, the GRE (consensus GRE half-site, TGTTCT).
The proposed Sakhalin GRES 2 will help to improve reliability of the region's power infrastructure in order to ensure industrial growth in the area and support its growing residential sector.