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 (grĕsh′əm), Sir Thomas 1519-1579.
English financier. A founder of the Royal Exchange, he is traditionally credited with Gresham's law.


(Biography) Sir Thomas. ?1519–79, English financier, who founded the Royal Exchange in London (1568)


(ˈgrɛʃ əm)

1. Sir Thomas, 1519?–79, English financier.
2. a town in NW Oregon. 58,130.
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Noun1.Gresham - English financier (1519-1579)Gresham - English financier (1519-1579)  
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I carefully preserved them all; and having since shown them, with some other curiosities, in several parts of Europe, upon my return to England I gave three of them to Gresham College, and kept the fourth for myself.
Jonas Oldacre had received a late visitor in his bedroom upon that night, and the stick found has been identified as the property of this person, who is a young London solicitor named John Hector McFarlane, junior partner of Graham and McFarlane, of 426 Gresham Buildings, E.
Gresham was a very good man and a very religious man, but he told too many funny stories and made the people laugh in church; he was undignified, and you must have some dignity about a minister, mustn't you, Matthew?
There was at the same college with myself one Sir George Gresham, a young fellow who was intitled to a very considerable fortune, which he was not, by the will of his father, to come into full possession of till he arrived at the age of twenty-five.
My father, therefore, began now to return remonstrances instead of money to my demands, which brought my affairs perhaps a little sooner to a crisis; but had he remitted me his whole income, you will imagine it could have sufficed a very short time to support one who kept pace with the expenses of Sir George Gresham.
Barry and others have fought for their community and, instead of Middlesbrough Council supporting him and the residents, there's just been talk to fob people off with things like the Residents' Charter for Gresham, which seems to have been a complete waste of time.
Gresham and his wife, Lujuana, of Fontana, CA, one daughter, Juli-Marie Gresham of Westborough and four grandchildren, Christal, Jamar, Rickeena and Rebecca.
says it will acquire Gresham & Associates, Inc.
Lindsey Halston Pate and John Kenneth Gresham III were united in marriage at five o'clock in the evening on April 10, 2010, on the Western Green at Rosemary Beach, Florida.
BUSINESS advisers Deloitte have advised Gresham, the UK mid-market private equity specialist, on the pounds 32.
Request for Proposals: City of gresham performance audit and organizational assessment fleet services study