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n.1.A grove.
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But when he saw the carriage take the way to La Greve, when he perceived the pointed roof of the Hotel de Ville, and the carriage passed under the arcade, he believed it was over with him.
If they meant to execute him at La Greve, it could scarcely be worth while to gag him, as they had nearly reached the place of execution.
A bad relapse, that will lead you, if I mistake not, to the Place de Greve.
If they are arrested they will only be put in the Bastile; if we are arrested it is a matter of the Place de Greve.
but he is a scoundrel, that Frenchman," said Mazarin, "and the idea is not so ingenious as to prevent its author being tied up by the neck at the Place de Greve, by decree of the parliament.
In 1916, during her junior year of college, Greve began to volunteer at Hiram House, a neighborhood settlement house in Cleveland.
Increased judicial protection for property rights can also help alleviate exploitative state behavior targeting immobile resources, such as property in land, which Greve recognizes competitive federalism is unlikely to alleviate (p.
Greve presents a detailed analysis of the concept of Federalism, and argues that both federal intervention and overreach by commercial interests have subverted the original intentions of the framers and created a system in which the protections imagined in the distributed system of government fail to benefit the people they were meant to protect.
That seems to be the case with AJR's "Taking Readers for a Ride" by Frank Greve (Fall).
Stemilt Growers' Executive Hans van Someren Greve, who has served as the company's executive vice president and general manager for the past 13 years, retired Dec.
Our podcasts feature industry experts discussing some of the industry's hot topics with our Publisher Tom Greve.