Grevillea robusta

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Noun1.Grevillea robusta - medium to tall fast-growing tree with orange flowers and feathery bipinnate leaves silky-hairy beneath; eastern Australia
genus Grevillea - large genus of Australian shrubs and trees having usually showy orange or red flowers
silk oak - any of several Australian timber trees having usually fernlike foliage and mottled wood used in cabinetry and veneering
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2013) grew Grevillea robusta in salt stress condition and found that foliar applied ascorbic acid increased plant height, stem diameter, number of leaves per plant, root length as well as fresh and dry weights of shoots and roots, total carbohydrates, pigments content leading to increase in final yield.
Para Pinus taeda (ALCANTARA, 2008), Grevillea robusta (SOUZA JUNIOR et al, 2008) e, clones hibridos de Eucalyptus globulus (OLIVEIRA et al.
Este comportamento e diferente do que foi observado por Souza Junior (2008), em Grevillea robusta, em que ao longo de 15 coletas a producao media de miniestacas por planta matriz cultivada em tubetes se manteve homogenea, nao ocorrendo diferenca estatistica entre os valores obtidos nas diversas coletas.
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exuvium and adult) and nearby trunk of Grevillea robusta (Cunn.
After witnessing an eight-year-old Grevillea robusta tree being cut down by locals in Nairobi last summer, a seven-year-old student at Peponi Prep named Leo was so disturbed that he contacted Wanjira Maathai.