Gray falcon

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(Zool.) the peregrine falcon.

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Corinna's decision to cash in on the grey Falcon 2000EX jet, which has Michael's initials on its tail, is seen as an acceptance that the seven-time Formula One champion's days to roam around the world are over.
Although Hitchens can be snarky, he makes interesting and often valid points, mostly negative, about the weakness of Ezra Pound's "Hugh Selwyn Mauberley," and his analysis of Rebecca West's Black Lamb and Grey Falcon is both pointed and balanced.
Harry Collett and Cllr John Smith present prizes, above, and Oscar Crook-Dunninh with an Arctic Grey Falcon Pictures by DOUG MOODY
There were another two sitting down watching the lightnings; they were as humans then, the Grey Falcon and the White Flying Falcon who watched over the laws in that country.
and Grey Falcon, West's monumental record of three trips to
in Black Lamb and Grey Falcon allows West to reject the two myths
describe Black Lamb and Grey Falcon in almost apologetic terms that
Try her other works by all means: Black Lamb and Grey Falcon (if
and Grey Falcon is "not so much a book about Jugoslavia as about
Whether it is Telford Taylor in The Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials (1993) invoking A Train of Powder, or Robert Kaplan in Balkan Ghosts (1993) producing a scaled-down version of her great epic, Black Lamb and Grey Falcon (1941), West has become a touchstone.
As a novelist, biographer, literary critic, journalist, early feminist, and staunch anti-Communist, she writes about the shaping of contemporary consciousness, seen through the eyes of an Englishwoman--as she refers to herself in Black Lamb and Grey Falcon.
Senj was the home of the Uskoks," wrote Rebecca West in 1941, in Black Lamb and Grey Falcon.