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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: phalarope - phalarope of northern oceans and lakesred phalarope - phalarope of northern oceans and lakes
phalarope - small sandpiper-like shorebird having lobate toes and being good swimmers; breed in the Arctic and winter in the tropics
genus Phalaropus, Phalaropus - type genus of the Phalaropidae: phalaropes
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The grey phalarope, which is smaller than a blackbird but spends its winter among the high seas in the Atlantic Ocean, attracted birders from far and wide to South Gare.
A grey phalarope at RSPB Conwy gave good views over the weekend, while ruff, little stint and spotted redshank were the supporting cast.
And finally their patience was rewarded as a rare grey phalarope fluttered into view.
Experts said the moment the grey phalarope met its end is "unprecedented".
A GREY Phalarope - a tiny wader that usually spends winter far out to sea in the Atlantic - was blown by gales inland to Rutland Water in Leicestershire.
Densities recorded for the grey phalarope in the central delta were similar to those published by Laboutin et al.
Sabine's Gulls, a Black Tern and a Grey Phalarope flew past the island, and a Nightingale was a good find for the region.
He waited six hours and finally a rare grey phalarope, which breeds in Greenland, Iceland, Siberia and North America, fluttered into view.
Time Altitude of tracks (s) (m) Brent goose 1 930 506 Steller's eider 1 310 369 Long-tailed duck 1 180 428 Ruff 4 2310 479 (141-103 0) Bar-tailed godwit 1 50 61 Grey phalarope 8 1980 530 (34-1231 ) Red-necked phalarope(1) 230 283 Waders, eastbound 15 5630 1163 (385-274 0) Waders, high-alt (>3km)(3) 2500 3534 (3477-35 92) Waders westbound 10 (8) 1340 236 (51-397) Waders, S-W-N-bound 4 1320 356 (0-787) Pomarine skua 13 (11) 5010 452 (2-1932) Long-tailed skua 2 1360 908 (734-108 1) Unidentified skua 6 (3) 1080 780 (127-301 9) Herring gull 2 (1) 200 208 (101-315 ) Kittiwake 3 (2) 1060 293.
Monday's gales brought other seabirds inshore to west-facing coasts: Sabine's gull and grey phalarope to Porthmadog Cob, another Sabine's off Black Rock Sands, Leach's petrels past Criccieth, Porth Ysgaden and Bardsey, and black terns from several watchpoints.
I update the daily bird news for the Glamorgan Bird Club's information line - a service provided for the club's 150 members - and the latest news includes a great skua and grey phalarope, both brought in by the storms last weekend.
PICTURE: MARC HUGHES | Conwy's Grey Phalarope WHAT do we know about waders?