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n. pl. grayling or gray·lings
Any of several freshwater salmonid fishes of the genus Thymallus of northern North America and Eurasia, having a small mouth and a large dorsal fin and valued as a food and game fish.


n, pl -ling or -lings
1. (Animals) any freshwater salmonoid food fish of the genus Thymallus and family Thymallidae, of the N hemisphere, having a long spiny dorsal fin, a silvery back, and greyish-green sides
2. (Animals) any butterfly of the satyrid genus Hipparchia and related genera, esp H. semele of Europe, having grey or greyish-brown wings


(ˈgreɪ lɪŋ)

any freshwater game fish of the genus Thymallus, related to the trout.
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Nora Greyling for Manukau City Baptist Church says Spark Jump will help close the skills gap between families who can afford home broadband and those who can't.
As for stunningly stupid comments made by politicians I'm sure that I heard our Minister of Transport, Chris Greyling say that the project is on time and on budget.
Bearwok, at Eastside City Park, was created by Caroline Greyling.
Bothma, 2012) and negative consequences for any organization (Stanz and Greyling, 2010).
A A Abulfathi, (1) MBBS; T Greyling, (2) MB ChB, FCP (SA), Cert ID (SA) Phys; M Makiwane, (1) MB ChB, Dip HIV Man (SA), PG Dip (Pharm Med); M Esser, (3) MB ChB, MMed (Paed), Cert Rheum; E Decloedt, (1) MB ChB, BSc Hons (Pharm), FCCP (SA), MMed (Clin Pharm)
Division Eight East: Ansley Sports 198-8 (15pts) drew with Stockingford 170-5 (9pts); Attleborough 112-6 (24pts) beat RMCC 2nds 108 (2pts) by 4 runs; Berkswell 3rds 396-2 (17pts) (Nic Bland 159no, Stu Randall 92, Jura Greyling 72, Tush Fernando 50) drew with Leamington Khalsa 2nds 184-7 (5pts); Fillongley 2nds 165-8 (3pts) lost to Kenilworth 2nds 166-4 (20pts) by 6wkts; Highway Spartans 3rds 180-7 (10pts) (M Vickers 60no) drew with Nuneaton 3rds 221-8 (17pts) (L Hubbard 86, R Cottis 57no).
Greyling (2010) noted that while libraries in some developed countries preserve indigenous knowledge, the situation is different in Africa.
Olga Greyling, Maja Kenney, Nicola Kirby and Helen Roberts, all of Wrexham, and Alex Egan of Malpas, who are all in their 40s, donned especially sourced retro bikinis for the wacky hike that has already raised over PS3,600 with pledges still pouring in.
0% of employees in 71 companies studied, were overweight and obese (Patel, Goetzel, Beckowski, Milner, Greyling, Da Silva, Kolbe-Alexander, Tabrizi & Nossel, 2013).
Namibia, as they have all tournament, showed real grit and were rewarded with tries for Johan Tromp, JC Greyling and Eugene Jantjies.
Last but not least to Greyling Peoples at Elsevier, SPI typesetters and James at Witherby's, our printers.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 24, 2014-EPIC unveils acquisition of Greyling