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A defensive tactic in an espionage trial whereby the accused threatens to reveal secret information unless the charges are dropped.

gray′mail′ v.


(Law) law US a tactic to avoid prosecution in an espionage case by threatening to expose state secrets during trial


a means of preventing prosecution, as for espionage, by threatening to disclose government secrets during trial.
[1975–80; gray1 (in sense “indeterminate”) + (black)mail]
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We elderly must cherish the only influence we have on the government of our country; perhaps we should refer to it as Greymail.
Law plot, obtaining continuances until a terminally ill witness dies), forum shopping, greymail, digging up dirt on the prosecutor,(117) appealing to a jury's racism, or the legendary Clarence Darrow tactic: smoking a cigar with a wire running through it lengthwise, so that during the prosecutor's closing argument the jury would become fascinated and distracted by Darrow's ever-lengthening cigar ash.