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by either staff or inmates" was non-grievable, the policy stated that an inmate complaint "is grievable unless it constitutes assault, harassment or criminal misconduct," the prisoner alleged that officials committed criminal misconduct in acting with deliberate indifference toward him, and although the prisoner did not complain of the assault by officials, the prisoner would not have been required to name a defendant in filing a grievance.
In the case of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, shot 12 times by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri in August of last year, the media employed the possibility of delinquent behaviour on the part of Brown to provide the frame that his death was not grievable.
The Quare Fellow is immediately concerned with capital punishment, of topical significance certainly to a writer who narrowly escaped the hangman's noose, but for Behan judicial execution is only the most lethal form of punishment and deprivation meted out in a social hierarchy which divides people all the time into deserving and undeserving, rich and poor, grievable and ungrievable.
This simple change of making issues of C&B not grievable, thereby streamlining the process, would eliminate up to one third of the grievance system's current backlog.
precarious and grievable in order for it to be a life in the first
Holloway advocates for a valued life instead of "a grievable death"; Erik Parens is skeptical about the Presidential Bioethics Commission's attempt to avoid the "big" questions; and Suzanne Schultz shows how researchers get around the laws that prohibit paying donors for eggs.
Butler is right when she observes, with respect to the political, journalistic and academic 'framing' of violence, a 'division of the globe into grievable and ungrievable lives from the perspective of those who wage war.
October 2008: Union and city officials finalize new labor contract stating that "violations of the internal investigations procedure and police auditor and/or civilian review board protocols that directly affect the terms and conditions of an employee's employment for allegations shall be grievable.
The court found that the State of Nevada provided an adequate administrative procedure for the inmate to challenge his classification as a sex offender, where administrative regulations stated that classification decisions were grievable and that the grievance procedure had to afford a meaningful remedy.
In 1971, President Nixon issued Executive Order 11491 which provided a structure for certified bargaining units, created third party resolution of unfair labor practices, delineated grievable and arbitrable matters, and set out the procedure for determining appropriate units.
As such, the statute clearly provides that even when a grievable event exists, the disagreement may ultimately come before a JCC.