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n.1.A rude or clownish person; boor; lout.
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This text was not obscure at the time: Kaspar Scheidt adapted and expanded Dedekind's very popular Latin text in a High German vernacular edition in 1551; in the meantime, Dedekind revised his own book, producing a second (1552) and a third edition (1554), the latter retitled Grobianus et Grobiana and adding advice to women.
The End of Conduct is divided into six chapters that chart the different Grobianus texts' links to the "history of the body," the politics of vernacular culture, and matters of gender.
As other scholars have done with similar accounts of civility, Correll situates this history and analysis of the Grobianus phenomenon within the account of Western "civilization" laid out in Norbert Elias's The Civilizing Process, as well as Michel Foucault's investigations of discipline and power and Mikhail Bakhtin's readings of representations of the early modern body and carnival.