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 (grôd′nō, -nə)
See Hrodna.


(Russian ˈɡrɔdnə)
(Placename) a city in W Belarus on the Neman River: part of Poland (1921–39); an industrial centre. Pop: 318 000 (2005 est)


(ˈgrɒd noʊ)

a city in W Belorussia, on the Neman River: formerly in Poland. 263,000.
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Tenders are invited for Services for international trucking of tobacco dust and reconstituted tobacco in the direction of Belarus, Grodno-France, Spay - Belarus, Grodno (according to the lots): LOT1-Belarus, Grodno - France, Spay - Belarus, g.
Electronic auction: purchase of services for maintenance, repair of computer classes and other computer equipment, maintenance of software for system, pedagogical and management purposes in educational institutions of the oktyabrsky district of grodno
Tenders are invited for Selection of the project organization at the choice of the project organization for the implementation of the adjustment of the architectural project "Enterprise for the mechanical sorting of waste in Grodno.
Tenders are invited for 045 / 18-Medical Ophthalmology Toolkit for Health Institutions in Grodno and Grodno Region
Tenders are invited for Selection of the contractor organization for the execution of construction works at the facility: "Current repair of the offices of the managers of Belcard OJSC, Grodno, located in the administrative building at the address: Grodno, Lineynaya street, 8 Eligibility Criteria : Expand all lots / Collapse all lots
Electronic auction: execution of works on removal of municipal waste from the places of installation of urns and containers, except for these services to legal entities on a self-supporting basis and the population under agreements concluded with them in grodno
Electronic auction: individual manufacturing of uniform items from the customers materials for employees of the internal affairs directorate of the grodno regional executive committee