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 (grə-mē′kō, grō-), Andrei Andreyevich 1909-1989.
Soviet political leader who served as ambassador to the United States (1943-1946) and the United Nations (1946-1948). He later held the posts of foreign minister (1957-1985) and chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet (1985-1988).


(Russian ɡraˈmikə)
(Biography) Andrei Andreyevich (anˈdrjej anˈdrjejɪvitʃ). 1909–89, Soviet statesman and diplomat; foreign minister (1957–85); president (1985–88)


(grəˈmi koʊ, groʊ-)

Andrei Andreevich, 1909–1989, Soviet diplomat.
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Noun1.Gromyko - Soviet ambassador to the United States and to the United Nations (1909-1989)
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Andrei Gromyko became foreign minister of the Soviet Union impossipuzzles "It's too bad you had to miss the party," said Joan.
The Russian delegation is headed by Deputy Minister of Agriculture Evgeny Gromyko.
Andrei Gromyko, Soviet ambassador to the United States, represented the Soviet Union, and Wellington Koo, China's ambassador to the United Kingdom, headed his nation's delegation.
I think the Chinese elite is aware that Egypt is in the middle of the golden triangle of the three major continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa, which was described by Soviet foreign minister Gromyko as the great prize in the Middle East
Gromyko made his name though his endless utterances of "no," or "nyet," while vetoing proposals at the U.
En ese momento el traductor de Andrei Gromyko (ministro de Asuntos Exteriores de la URSS) se inclino y le susurro algo al oido.
When Andrei Gromyko, the Soviet minister of foreign affairs, visited Washington in September 1984, he and Reagan agreed on future summits and the elimination of nuclear weapons.
Gallery Nine will also exhibit the new works of Gromyko Semper, a 31-year-old self-taught artist based in Cabanatuan City, whose drawings are executed to imitate woodcut prints and embody a personal, invented mythology after the fashion of William Blake in the early 19th century.
Gromyko, ministro de asuntos exteriores de la URSS: "la exposicion tuvo gran exito [.
Andrei Andreevich Gromyko or someone else from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) often accompanied him on these trips, for which Brezhnev carefully prepared.