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 (grō′nĭng-ən, KHrō′-)
A city of northeast Netherlands north-northeast of Apeldoorn. It remained loyal to Spain during the Netherlands revolt but was captured by the Dutch in 1594. The city is an important trade and transportation center.


(ˈɡrəʊnɪŋən; Dutch ˈxroːnɪŋə)
1. (Placename) a province in the NE Netherlands: mainly agricultural. Capital: Groningen. Pop: 573 000 (2003 est). Area: 2336 sq km (902 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a city in the NE Netherlands, capital of Groningen province. Pop: 177 000 (2003 est)


(ˈgroʊ nɪŋ ən)

1. a province in the NE Netherlands. 556,757.
2. the capital of this province. 167,929.
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Piet Boonstra (Thorax Center, Gronigen, the Netherlands) reported on a small trial comparing MIDCAB with percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty and provisional stenting; at 6 months, reintervention was needed in 1 of 19 (5.
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His failure to prove his fitness and get a run of games has irked boss DUTCH & SHOW LOUIS VAN GAAL AGE 63 BORN Amsterdam CLUBS (PLAYER) Ajax, Royal Antwerp, Telstar, Sparta Rotterdam, AZ CLUBS (MANAGER) Ajax, Barcelona (twice), Holland (twice), Bayern Munich, Man Utd MANAGERIAL RECORD P 816 W 500 D 159 L 157 HONOURS (MANAGER) 4 Dutch Leagues, 2 Spanish Leagues, 1 German League, 1 Champions League, 1 UEFA Cup RONALD KOEMAN AGE 51 BORN Zaandam CLUBS (PLAYER) Gronigen, Ajax, PSV, Barcelona, Feyenoord CLUBS (MANAGER) Vitesse, Ajax, Benfica, PSV, Valencia, AZ, Feyenoord, Southampton MANAGERIAL RECORD P 531 W 298 D 112 L 121 HONOURS (PLAYER) 4 Dutch Leagues, 4 Spanish Leagues, 2 European Cups.
of Gronigen, Netherlands), however, has paid close attention to both, and finds significant clues to Herbert's methods and reasoning for his poetry, his advocating of temperance, and his need to stay within the norm.
Koevermans, 50, was previously boss at Gronigen, Nijmegen and MVV Maastricht and spent six years as the Dutch FA's head of youth development.
In the only Dutch Eredivisie game, Roda moved off the bottom with a superb 2-0 win at FC Gronigen.
Date/Time Name From To 1912 0900 Princess Seaways Ijmuiden RoRo 3 2012 0900 King Seaways Ijmuiden RoRo 3 2012 1129 City of Paris Grimsby RoRo 3/4 2012 1200 Unicorn Ocean Murmansk Anchorage 2012 1700 Hanse VisionFelixstowe Cont Term 2012 2200 WMS Gronigen Rotterdam Cont Term Sailings Date/Time Name From To 1912 1030 Istra Ace TCT 1 Amsterdam 1912 1630 City of Oslo TCT 2 Amsterdam 1912 1700 Princess Seaways RoRo 3 Ijmuiden 2012 1700 King Seaways RoRo 3 Ijmuiden 2012 2030 Maple Ace II TCT 1 Amsterdam 2012 2359 Haven Seaway Sea Howdon Yard - River Frontage 2012 2359 Haven Supporter Sea Howdon Yard - River Frontage
of Gronigen, the Netherlands) examines whether competition and public procurement laws in Europe, China, and Japan deal effectively with bid rigging conspiracies by cartels and how economic theory can be used to prevent these conspiracies.
When I was playing at Roda Kerkrade, team-mate Ron Jans, now manager at Gronigen, got on my nerves because he was always narking about something.
His initial assessment has proved spot on with Van Dijk turning in a string of sensational performances following his summer switch from Gronigen.
It is, of course, now a well-established fact that World Bank chairman Lars van Brockelann was a big Spandau Ballet fan in his youth, eventually holding the position of secretary of the Spandau fan club in the Dutch town of Gronigen.