Growing cell

a device for preserving alive a minute object in water continually renewed, in a manner to permit its growth to be watched under the microscope.

See also: Grow

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3-D cell culture is one of the fastest growing cell culture tools market for drug development, toxicity testing, cancer research, and stem cell research.
Fast growing cell phone repair parts distributor focused on Highest quality parts for Apple and Samsung phones.
of Massachusetts) explores the cultural impact in the United States of widespread and growing cell phone and Internet access and use.
The human prostate metastasis derived cell line LNCaP is an androgen dependent growing cell line which expresses 5[alpha]-R2.
He has experience in the very fast growing cell biology market for life science research and diagnostics in five continents around the world," said Rajen Dalal, president and chief executive officer of Guava Technologies, Inc.
and Semiconductor Insights concludes that Intel's dominance in the NOR flash memory market is expected to continue, based upon advances in Intel's multilevel cell (MLC) technology, close association with OEMs in a growing cell phone market, and Intel-owned intellectual property in flash.
We will continue to see growth in this category, based on safety and health concerns, growing cell phone penetration, declining prices, and more feature-laden offerings, such as Bluetooth," commented Peter Arato, senior account executive at NPD INTELECT.
In that paper, Gallo wrote that the apparent difference between LAV and his group's virus may result from "insufficient characterization of LAV because the virus has not been transmitted to a permanently growing cell line for true isolation and therefore has been difficult to obtain in quantity"
The new company enters a fragmented and rapidly growing cell therapy market at a time when there is no U.
Cell Pathways scientists believe that a cGMP-PDE in neoplastic cells interferes with the process of apoptosis and transmission of the cGMP chemical message regulating the abnormally growing cell.
The researchers recently showed that cells kept and grown in lab dishes weren't turning on the proper genes needed to let the cells transition to maturity, a phenomenon they attributed to the artificial conditions of growing cells in a dish.