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v. i.1.To shiver; to have chills.
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I eat my Venison With my neighbours in the Countrie, and present not My phesants, partridges, and growse to the userer, Nor ever yet paid brokage to his scrivener.
Growse (1836-1893), la traduccion de los Cien poemas de Kabir por R.
Growse who argued that the objection was to Perso-Arabic diction for which there were intelligible and commonly used Hindi (i.
I remember one John Growse, A buckle-maker in Brummagem: He built himself a country house, To be out of the smoke of Brummagem; But though John's country house stands still, The town itself has walked uphill, Now he lives beside of a smoky mill, In the middle of the town of Brummagem.
See the 1871 remark by Growse quoted by Vaudeville: "In the earlier authorities for Krsna's adventures, both vraja and gokula are used to denote not the definite localities now bearing those names but any chance spot temporarily used for stalling cattle: inattention to this archaism had led to confusion in assigning sites for the various legends" ("Braj, Lost and Found," Indo-Iranian Journal 18 [1976]: 198 n.