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v. i.1.To shiver; to have chills.
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Growse (1883: 83) said Aring is 'a contraction for Arishta-ganw,' which, relying on local etymologies, he characterised as 'the scene of the combat with the bull' [Arishta].
I eat my Venison With my neighbours in the Countrie, and present not My phesants, partridges, and growse to the userer, Nor ever yet paid brokage to his scrivener.
I remember one John Growse, A buckle-maker in Brummagem: He built himself a country house, To be out of the smoke of Brummagem; But though John's country house stands still, The town itself has walked uphill, Now he lives beside of a smoky mill, In the middle of the town of Brummagem.