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growth′ fund`

a mutual fund that invests primarily in growth stocks.
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For example, both the Janus 20 Fund and the Dreyfus Appreciation Fund are large cap growth funds.
Characteristically, small-company growth funds are volatile and speculative, risking above average losses in order to achieve the highest possible capital gains.
But when it comes to growth funds (those funds that take on higher risk in an attempt to generate above-average returns) as a group, SRI returns have seriously lagged.
8 percent last year ranked it in the top 20 percent of growth funds tracked by Lipper, and analysts applauded Vinik's stealth at selling $20 billion of technology stocks last fall without sending the stock market into a downward spiral.
As with Turner's other growth funds, the investment process of the Turner International Core Growth Fund involves a synthesis of quantitative, fundamental, and technical analysis.
Aziz Hamzaogullari will succeed Cullinane, and will assume overall portfolio management for the Evergreen Omega, Evergreen VA Omega, Evergreen Large Company Growth, and Evergreen Aggressive Growth funds.
The RMK Select Mid Cap Growth Fund A shares (symbol: RAGAX) posted the ninth best performance in the quarterly rankings among a universe of 553 mid cap growth funds based on one-year total returns (changes in net asset values with reinvested distributions) as of Dec.
Pioneer Oak Ridge Large Cap Growth (Class A) received a Morningstar Rating of 4 stars for the 3-year period (out of 1045 large growth funds and 5 stars for the 5-year period (out of 781 large growth funds) as of 4/30/05.
domiciled Mid-Cap Growth funds over the following time periods: 637 funds in the last three years and 430 funds in the last five years.
In recent years, concentrated large growth funds have generally grown faster than the large growth category as a whole, according to Strategic Insight, a mutual fund research and consulting firm.
74%, which places the fund among the leading small-cap growth funds for the year.
In comparison, the 477 small-cap growth funds tracked by Lipper have an average year-to-date return of 28.

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