White grub

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(Zool.) the larva of the June bug and other allied species. These grubs eat the roots of grasses and other plants, and often do much damage.

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References in classic literature ?
Only a few berries and an occasional grub worm rewarded his search, and he was half famished when, looking up from a log he had been rooting beneath, he saw Sabor, the lioness, standing in the center of the trail not twenty paces from him.
a grub worm when the black constellations make you swim backwards in
I took great delight today, after digging up a meager potato crop, to carefully gather up each, cream colored grub worm that I encountered.
If critters such as armadillos and possums are digging up the landscape, that's a sign that grub worms and cutworms have infested the lawn.
You got worms or grub worms from manure piles and any kind of little minnow you could get, often little perch.