n.1.(Zool.) A groundling (fish).
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Grundel, workforce development manager for the network, said the event aimed to present information about health professions to students who might not otherwise be exposed to them.
2004; Brawn 2006; Grundel and Pavlovic 2007a,b; Newell and Rodewald 2011, 2012), but, with the exception of Newell et al.
Global Gathering attendee Carina Grundel from London, England said afterwards, "The amazing day with Rikka and Panache in Orlando was so playful and fun
Blake 2005; Brawn 2006; Grundel & Pavlovic 2007; Au et al 2008), none have focused on Texas post oak savannah, which may exhibit latitudinal differences from studies conducted in more northern states (Davidowitz & Rosenweig 1998).
Oliver Grundel, Project Manager Merchandising, sales and co-productions, ZDF Enterprises said "We are delighted to join forces with Belltex, one of the leaders in the field of home textiles.
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And I said: "Here is a shape that shines, set On a grundel of Nature's law, a rooftree So innocent of imprecision That a man may enter in to find his freedom Like air breathed, and all his mind Would glow like a coal under bellows--(New 29) (10)
The project has been running for three years and involves Gosforth West Middle School, the Anne Frank Gesamtschule, in Dueren, Germany, and the De Grundel school, in Hengelo, Holland.
Borken W, Grundel S, Beese F (2000) Potential contribution of Lumbricus terrestris L.
Beyond Banff we passed Mount Grundel, a favourite with climbers, and then followed the broad Bow River all the way to Calgary.
He assumes the responsibilities of Detlef Grundel, who is leaving the company.
Johannes Grundel questioned whether the positions that were criticized "were correctly understood" but nevertheless acknowledged Rome's willingness to dialogue in an area as contentious as moral theology.