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 (gro͞o′nə-wôld′, grü′nə-vält′), Matthias Originally Mathis Gothardt Nithart. Died 1528.
German painter noted for his paintings of religious scenes, particularly the Crucifixion, in which he employed vivid colors and exaggerated figures to portray suffering.


(German ˈɡryːnəvalt)
(Biography) Matthias (maˈtiːas), original name Mathis Gothardt. ?1470–1528, German painter, the greatest exponent of late Gothic art in Germany. The Isenheim Altarpiece is regarded as his masterpiece


(ˈgru nəˌvɑlt)

Mathias, (Mathias Neithardt-Gothardt), c1470–1528, German painter and architect.
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