Guanabara Bay

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Gua·na·ba·ra Bay

An inlet of the Atlantic Ocean on the southeast coast of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is on its southwest shore.

Gua′na•ba′ra Bay′

(ˈgwɑ nəˈbɑr ə, ˌgwɑ-)
an inlet of the Atlantic in SE Brazil.
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The pair, who also own twice-placed Guanabara Bay and Sojourna, met at Epsom two years ago and Spence was taken aback by Anderson's interest.
The latter has been a particular sticking point as Guanabara Bay has long had a reputation as the dumping ground for raw sewage and trash.
Two competitors had to be hospitalised following a recent test regatta at Rio's picturesque Guanabara Bay, while other events have been disrupted by floating debris such as rubbish and dead animals.
This is by far the worst water quality we've seen in our sailing careers," said coach Ivan Bulaja from the Austrian team, who says his sailors have lost valuable training days to illness in the time they have spent on Guanabara Bay.
Reduc is also a hub for pipelines linking oil terminals on Rio's Guanabara Bay, oil and gas fields in the offshore Campos Basin and refineries further inland.
Residents will enjoy a view to the Guanabara Bay and to Rio de Janeiro icons such as the Sugar Loaf and the Corcovado.
Mario Andrade, spokesman of the Rio 2016 organizing committee insisted the sailing competitions ''will be held in the Guanabara Bay, under the best possible Olympic conditions.
Due to the high population of the capital city, naturally, the waste from the sewages of homes and industries spill out into the open sea, particularly through Guanabara Bay.
Two local engineering firms who were involved in the construction of the 1974 14K Rio-Niteroi Bridge across Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro, one was Cleveland Bridge engineering who was the other?
Now the International Sailing Federation is set to conduct water quality tests in Guanabara Bay where events will be held.
ISS support services will include the preparation of STV Finesse for the arrival and load-out operation of the pipelayer vessel, Stingray, and multi-cat boat, Atlas, at Guanabara Bay.