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(Spanish ɡwanaˈxwato)
1. (Placename) a state of central Mexico, on the great central plateau: mountainous in the north, with fertile plains in the south; important mineral resources. Capital: Guanajuato. Pop: 4 656 761 (2000). Area: 30 588 sq km (11 810 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a city in central Mexico, capital of Guanajuato state: founded in 1554, it became one of the world's richest silver-mining centres. Pop: 80 000 (2005 est)


(ˌgwɑ nɑˈʰwɑ tɔ)

1. a state in central Mexico. 4,406,568; 11,805 sq. mi. (30,575 sq. km).
2. the capital of this state: center of the silver-mining region. 65,258.
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Great Panther's third quarter continued this year's trend of delivering strong operational performance at the Guanajuato Mine Complex and the Topia Mine", stated Robert Archer, President & CEO.
Blankenstein said the new service becomes the fifth destination to be operated from Leon, Guanajuato.
An unofficial thirty-three cars and drivers from 22 nations will tackle 21 timed special stages in the mountainous areas around Leon, Silao and Guanajuato in what has become one of the most popular and challenging rounds of the world series since it joined the calendar for the first time in 2004.
And half a dozen states--Aguascalientes, Hidalgo, Queretaro, Puebla, Guanajuato, and Zacatecas-- have passed resolutions declaring bullfighting an important part of their cultural patrimony.
The automaker is investing around USD349m in the GM complex in Silao, a city in the central state of Guanajuato, where the new generation of Chevrolet Cheyenne, Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks are being produced.
The festival's director Sandra Salim said: "The mission of this festival is to attract tourism to Leon city and the state of Guanajuato.
They were joined by 30 more soldiers from the state of Guanajuato and 30 municipal policemen.
This record increases the number of species of felids recently reported for Guanajuato to five.
The La Sierra system is the most easterly of the three structural systems in the prolific Guanajuato district along with the main Veta Madre and the La Luz trends.
General Coordinator of the Wigberto Jimenez Moreno Central State Library Guanajuato, Mexico
Emyr Penlan a Lowri Morgan fydd yn cyflwyno uchafbwyntiau'r ras wrth i'r gyrwyr gystadlu mewn 20 cymal o amgylch dinasoedd Guanajuato a Leon.
Meeting at Rancho San Cristobal in Guanajuato, Mexico, President George W.