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 (gwär-nĕr′ē, -nyĕr′ē)
Family of Italian violin makers, including Andrea (1626?-1698), who founded the family business, and his grandson Giuseppe (1687?-1745). They are considered second only to the Stradivari family for the quality of their instruments.


(ɡwɑːˈnɪərɪ; Italian ɡwarˈnɛːri) ,




n, pl Guarneris, Guarnieris or Guarneriuses
1. (Biography) an Italian family of 17th- and 18th-century violin-makers
2. (Instruments) any violin made by a member of this family


(gwɑrˈnɛər i)

Giuseppe Antonio, (Joseph Guarnerius), 1683–1745, Italian violinmaker.
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Noun1.Guarneri - Italian violin maker and grandson of Andrea Guarneri (1687?-1745)Guarneri - Italian violin maker and grandson of Andrea Guarneri (1687?-1745)
2.Guarneri - founder of a family of Italian violin makers (1626?-1698)Guarneri - founder of a family of Italian violin makers (1626?-1698)
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The Lady Blunt is currently owned by The Nippon Music Foundation, custodians of some of the world's finest Stradivari and Guarneri instruments.
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Guarneri Trio Prague (Cenek Pavlik - violin, Marek Jerie - cello, Ivan Klansky - piano).
Repin's Guarneri del Gesu violin has an earthy tone and is well-suited to the characteristically warm sound for which the Gewandhaus Orchestra in noted.
Washington, January 23 (ANI): A controversial theory that Stradivarius and Guarneri violins obtained their unique sound due to the chemicals used on the instruments, not merely the wood and the construction, has received definitive experimental support from a study conducted by Texas A and M University researchers.
Russian Alina Ibragimova and her 1738 Guarneri violin produced an irresistible sound in the Prokofiev, the lower ranges rich, though clean, in tone and the flute-like highs pure and focused, the finale's mercurial trills flawlessly controlled, the orchestra sparkling in response.
Piazza San Domenico was where some of the master-makers worked including Stradovari and Guarneri.
Mimi Guarneri, an author and physician, will speak today on the "Secret Language of Healing" at the Oregon Heart & Vascular Institute's annual Cardiovascular Symposium.
She performed Mozart and Beethoven concertos with most of the major American and European orchestras in addition to the Juilliard, Emerson, Guarneri, Cleveland and Tokyo String Quartets.
Although the festival, which runs from April 30 to May 9, honours the Dvorak centenary in style, it also features a huge range of Czech music and musicians including the Panocha Quaret, Guarneri Tio Prague, Martinu Quartet, pianist Marian Lapsansky and violinist Bohuslav Matousek.
Meyer has collaborated with everyone from Lyle Lovett and Travis Tritt to the Guarneri Quartet.
Mimi Guarneri, conference director and founder and medical director of the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine.