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A light, collared, usually short-sleeved shirt having buttons and pleats down the front and often large pockets, and typically worn outside the pants.

[American Spanish, perhaps from Spanish guayaba, guava (from the fact that the pockets are suitable for holding guavas); see guava, or alteration of (camisa) yayabera, (shirt) in the Yayabo River style (after the Yayabo River in central Cuba).]


(Clothing & Fashion) an embroidered men's shirt worn in Latin America and the West Indies


(ˌgwaɪ əˈbɛr ə)

n., pl. -be•ras.
a sport shirt or lightweight jacket, often with several large pockets, modeled upon a smocklike shirt orig. worn in Cuba.
[1945–50; < American Spanish]
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Alarcon imagines a series of stereotypical questions for likely targets in his poem: if you "wear airy / guayaberas / outdoors in the heat" or "still pray / in Spanish," he warns, "be aware you / may be under / reasonable suspicion.
Our servers are dressed in guayaberas to create the feeling that you're in Havana.
Born in Havana, Cuba, to Russian immigrants, Feldenkreis moved to Miami in 1961 and founded Supreme International, a company known for importing school uniforms and guayaberas, a 4-pocket tropical-inspired shirt.
The total cranes counted in each of the areas with largest numbers of cranes varied from 71 in Guayaberas to 171 on the Isle of Youth (Table 2) for a total of 464 cranes in the four areas with the largest populations.
The celebration's nearly 1,400 guests were invited to wear Hawaiian-style clothing or guayaberas, a typical Caribbean shirt that also works well for a balmy tropical evening.
The guayaberas are faded and you can see through them, though they're not mended anywhere because his wife is an artist when it comes to washing fine clothes.
Instead, I observe a cluster of sweaty men in guayaberas and straw hats ordering cortaditos from a makeshift counter facing onto the plaza, shots of hot black coffee thick with sugar, jovially conversing beneath the burning sun.
Male leaders wore white guayaberas and the female leaders wore colorful huipil blouses that indigenous people say symbolize the unity of the indigenous world.
Sit at the counter and enjoy the scene: a continuous flow of older Cuban gentlemen in guayaberas who order a thimble of the black coffee, down it like a shot while still standing up, and leave.
Hector was resting under the shade of a tree while the two old men sat across from him playing dominoes in matching guayaberas emblazoned with Mickey Mouse.
This place has the best selection and prices for those trendy women's embroidered peasant tops and men's guayaberas shirts (like Ricky Ricardo's).
It's the place for Gucci and guayaberas, tan lines and tourists.