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(ˈgwaɪ mɑs)

a seaport in NW Mexico. 84,730.
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12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- At a grand opening ceremony and tour in Guaymas, Mexico, Chromalloy announced today that its new state-of-the-art gas turbine engine machining facility is operational and producing first article test production on aircraft engine components.
A third commercial aggregation is found in the Central Gulf of California near Guaymas, Sonora (AragonNoriega et al.
The vessel will be constructed on the Mexican Navy yard ASTIMAR 6 in Guaymas.
By May 2000, some fishermen and tourist guides informed us of two parrots on the island, which we first believed would be the white-fronted parrot (Amazona albifrons) that occurs in Sonoran desertscrub near Guaymas, often roosting in cardoi n cacti (Pachycereus pringlei).
It all started when Dan Lizarralde went to the gulf of California in 2002 to explore a spreading center at the bottom of the Guaymas basin where two of Earth's tectonic plates are moving apart.
Also engineering firm JJ Churchill in Market Bosworth has signed a pounds 23million ten-year deal with The Offshore Group to manufacture gas-turbine components in Guaymas.
The British firm will install production capacity in 38,500 square feet of manufacturing space within the confines of The Offshore Group's Roca Fuerte Industrial Park in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico.
Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, is to open a new supply chain office in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico.
The rail-spur will allow the contracted magnetite to be transported by train to the Port of Guaymas in Mexico where it will be unloaded for shipping.
Currently it operates out of two Mexican ports --one at Guaymas, Sonora; and the other in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, Mexico.
The study compared the same people standing on dry land-a dock in Guaymas, Mexico-and aboard the ship.
Sometimes we traveled to Mexico; one Christmas my parents packed the three of us children in the family van and we drove down the California coast through Southern California, down into Hermosillo and Guaymas.