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 (go͝od′ro͞on′) also Guth·run (go͝oth′-)
n. Mythology
The daughter of the king of the Nibelungs and wife of Sigurd, later of Atli, in the Volsunga Saga.


(ˈɡʊdruːn) ,




(Norse Myth & Legend) Norse myth the wife of Sigurd and, after his death, of Atli, whom she slew for his murder of her brother Gunnar. She corresponds to Kriemhild in the Nibelungenlied


(ˈgʊd run)

(in the Volsunga Saga) the sister of Gunnar and wife of Sigurd: corresponds to Kriemhild in the Nibelungenlied.
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Of other modern poets I have read some things of William Morris, like the "Life and Death of Jason," the "Story of Gudrun," and the "Trial of Guinevere," with a pleasure little less than passionate, and I have equally liked certain pieces of Dante Rossetti.
For in her heart Gudrun Burwitz remains Gudrun Himmler, the beloved daughter of Nazi Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, the lord of death in the Third Reich who ran the Gestapo, the SS and the entire extermination programme which murdered six million Jews.
If you would like to get involved and become a volunteer call Rachael or Gudrun on 029 2023 4070.
While orchestrating genocide, Himmler was writing home to his wife Margarete and daughter Gudrun, astonishingly describing his day like a dad away on humdrum business.
The presentation was attended by German Ambassador Gudrun Maria Sraga, Swiss Ambassador Rene Holenstein, parliamentarians, Germanic philology scholars and teachers of German language.
But the character became a playground icon when Super Gran the TV series launched on ITV in 1985, with Gudrun Ure in the title role and with one of 80s TV's catchiest theme tunes.
Caption: Pages of the Hirnmlers baby journal for Gudrun
Gudrun Bjork Bjarnadottir, Director of Policy, STEF talked to media and stated that this decision is crucial and will help in other blockades.
ITT Corp Analyst Notes On July 1, 2014, ITT Corp (ITT) reported the partnership of its Control Technologies business with Servi Hydranor AS, Norway's largest distributor of hydraulic and hydraulic-related products, to engineer a shock and vibration isolation system to absorb shock and protect cargo during transfer from ships to the Norwegian oil company Statoil's Gudrun Platform in North Sea's Gudrun field.
After journalist Milenko Nedelkovski insulted Dutch ambassador to Macedonia Mariette Schuurman, a reaction came only from German Ambassador Gudrun Steinacker.
The other exco members are Gudrun Middendorff and Meke Imbili respectively Treasurer and Secretary, Waldi Fritzsche, Danica Smith, Claus Dau, Armin Jagdhuber, Werner Schlierkamp, Paolo de Oliveira, Rolf Heinrich, Tommie Britz, Heinz Remmert, Issy Karaerua, Emiliano Benolich and Hugo Hausmann.
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