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(Spanish ɡɛˈrrɛro)
(Placename) a mountainous state of S Mexico, on the Pacific: rich mineral resources. Capital: Chilpancingo. Pop: 3 075 083 (2000 est). Area: 63 794 sq km (24 631 sq miles)


(gəˈrɛər oʊ)

a state in S Mexico. 2,916,567; 24,885 sq. mi. (64,452 sq. km). Cap.: Chilpancingo.
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Guerrero at least started strong as he landed a series of blows with his left, pushing the 36-year-old Mayweather back on to the ropes in the second round.
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Guerrero points to the GAO's role during the evolution of the Safe Drinking Water Act as a flagship example.
During a survey of parasitic helminths of wild vertebrates from Tres Palos Lagoon, in Guerrero, Mexico, we found Gnathostoma sp.