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n.1.(Chem.) A colorless liquid, C6H4.OCH3.OH, resembling the phenols, found as a constituent of woodtar creosote, and produced by the dry distillation of guaiac resin.
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Peroxidase isozymes were localized by incubating gel in Guiacol reagent (0.
A 1 ml reaction mixture consisted of 28 mM guiacol buffer, 5 mM [H.
There was interest in guiacol because of its potential to be converted into compounds that had applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
As part of his research, Fox synthesized a number of guiacol derivatives, one of which was guiacol carbonate.
Guiacol 99%, l-naphthol 98%, o-cresol 98%, and dichloromethane 99.
The reaction of substituted phenols (o-cresol, guiacol, phenyl phenol, l-naphthol, and 2-allyl phenol) with thionyl chloride in the presence of anhydrous aluminum chloride in dichloromethane yields sulfoxide-bridged bisphenols (13), (14).
We will demonstrate and describe the procedures and teaching techniques developed at an NSF-funded summer workshop for a general university biology laboratory to determine the optimum pH for a peroxidase and guiacol reaction.