Guide block

(Steam Engine) a block attached in to the crosshead to work in contact with the guide bar.

See also: Guide

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In one incident, a drill guide block was left inside the patient's body.
Collated rivets with washers and a specially-designed steel guide block assure that each trigger pull contributes to a consistent splice.
MR-compatible biopsy equipment, including a biopsy driver, trocar, guide block, and needle guide, is required (Figure 3).
Most critical of these measurements is verification of the wafer-face to guide block dimensions (FIGURE 7).
99) -- Kreg Jig K3 Master System -- With front side clamping, a drill bit guide block, a new dust shroud and more height adjustments, the K3 Master System makes pocket hole joints for furniture, cabinetry or any woodworking project easier and faster than ever before.
Combined Researches on Mechanical Behavior of Guide Block, 22nd DANUBIA-ADRIA Symposium on Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics, Extended Abstracts, September 28-October 1, Monticelli Terme, Parma, Italia
Operators index the guide block to the proper size capacity and the changeover is complete.
The fabrication is a guide block to constrain low velocity/low toad sliding motion, and it was welded from rectangular bar stock, subsequently milled, drilled and tapped.
In commercial settings, rooms built specifically with QuietRF products and following the installation guide block cell phones, Blackberry, wireless PDA's and other wireless devices in both directions while meeting high levels of acoustic isolation at the same time.
With the quick-change system, operators index the guide block to the proper size capacity and the changeover is complete.
With the new easy to use adjustment method, an operating surgeon can quickly and accurately attach a cutting guide block to a thigh bone with a single instrument.