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a.1.Without a guide.
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Tonight they lay out somewhere below him, chartless, foodless, tentless, gunless - except for Hurree Babu, guideless.
He is teaching our core courses and is in charge of quality control of all classes so that they meet ICF guideless and Accreditation Guidelines.
It also established punishment guideless for certain abusive behaviors against women, such as cruel insults and written or spoken threats.
The failed development at which Andy and his friends picnic is symbolic of the failure of the industrial dream and the decline of modernist economy, after which there is only a blank, guideless space: "the three of us merely eat a box lunch on a land that is barren--the equivalent of a blank space at the end of a chapter--and a land so empty that all objects placed on its breathing, hot skin become objects of irony" (Generation 19).
At the same time, the new device incorporates camera stabilization and guideless authentication functionality, as well as a power-saving mode.
Federal Minister said that under the guideless of President Asif Ali Zardari to facilitate the labors in the country, all the policies in future would be devised to provide benefits to the labor.
According to the Lockton report, "Physician-developed clinical guideless recommend prevention of obesity and medically supervised weight loss as the first-line treatments for excess weight.
All three young actresses are superbly convincing as guideless young girls (there are no adults to speak of in the movie) stumbling onto the emotional paths that will define the rest of their lives.
Arcara's guideless application potentially makes it more difficult to "indirectly incidentally burden" free expression than to directly zone-out such expression.

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