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a. One who shows the way by leading, directing, or advising.
b. One who serves as a model for others, as in a course of conduct.
2. A person employed to conduct others, as through a museum, and give information about points of interest encountered.
a. Something, such as a pamphlet, that offers basic information or instruction: a shopper's guide.
b. A guidebook.
a. Something that serves to direct or indicate.
b. A device, such as a ruler, tab, or bar, that serves as an indicator or acts to regulate a motion or operation.
5. A soldier stationed at the right or left of a column of marchers to control alignment, show direction, or mark the point of pivot.
v. guid·ed, guid·ing, guides
1. To serve as a guide for; conduct.
2. To direct the course of; steer: guide a ship through a channel.
3. To exert control or influence over; direct: guided the nation through the crisis.
4. To supervise the training or education of.
To serve as a guide.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Old Provençal guida, from guidar, to guide, of Germanic origin; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]

guid′a·ble adj.
guid′er n.
Synonyms: guide, lead1, pilot, shepherd, steer1, usher
These verbs mean to conduct on or direct to the way: guided me to my seat; led the troops into battle; a teacher piloting students through the zoo; shepherding tourists to the bus; steered the applicant to the third floor; ushering a visitor out.


n (sometimes not capital)
1. (Other Non-sporting Hobbies) a woman leader of a company of Guides. In full: Guide Guider
2. (Other Non-sporting Hobbies) Brownie Guider a woman leader of a pack of Brownie Guides


n (Brit) → Pfadfinderinnenführerin f
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Beloved wife of the late Harry Arnold, a much loved mum of Paul and Ian, a dear mother-in-law to Karen and Hilary, a proud and cherished grandma, great-grandma, a faithful organist and Guider.
Guider Linda Tait, Ranger Rhona Cunningham, Guide Ingrid Simpson and Brownie Sarah Canter represented the Brownies who had been in Mrs Parker's pack.
QHY16200A Monochrome CCD Camera and 7-Position 50-mm Filter Wheel and Off-Axis Guider
Certains ont utilise la lumiere de leur telephone portable pour se guider.
L' incapacite de Wenger a guider son equipe au sommet du championnat anglais depuis douze ans le fragilise et certains supporters demandent son depart depuis longtemps.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Guider Wave Radar Transmitter For 04 Vv 004 Sour Water Interface Level
The web guider keeps the web edge straight and guides it crease-free to the set position.
Guider III is a director in the real estate and affordable housing sections in the firm's New Orleans office.
A titre de directrice generale des elections, il incombe a Mme Latour de conduire les elections et les referendums dans le territoire, d'etablir les politiques et les procedures, de gerer le registre territorial des electeurs, d'assurer la formation du personnel electoral, de les guider, et, enfin, de conseiller l'Assemblee legislative en ce qui concerne les mesures legislatives ainsi que les politiques electorales et de lui formuler des recommandations a cet egard.
Margaret Guider, an associate professor of missiology at Boston College who was vice president of her community during the Vatican's 2008-2010 apostolic visitation of U.
Par ailleurs, le bureau de Houcine Laabidi a affirme , vendredi , qu'une tentative de la part du ministere des Affaires Religieuses pour empecher l'Imam Laabidi de guider la priere a la Grande Mosquee de la Zitouna a echoue , soulignant que ce sont les etudiants de la Mosquee et les fideles qui l'ont fait echouer apres avoir eu vent des intentions du ministere .
Khartoum , 18 Juin (SUNA) - Le secretariat du secretariat des politiques de l'Union soudanaise des hommes d'affaires Samir Ahmed Qasim a declare que le premier forum d'investisseurs national qui se tiendra a la salle de l'Amitie le 24 de juin courant , ouvert la voie devant le secteur prive pour guider le developpement dans le pays.

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