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 (gwē′lĭn′, gwā′-) also Kwei·lin (kwā′-)
A city of southeast China in Guangxi province northwest of Guangzhou.


(ˈɡweɪˈlɪn) ,




(Placename) a city in S China, in Guangxi on the Li River: noted for the unusual caves and formations of the surrounding karst scenery; trade and manufacturing centre. Pop: 631 000 (2005 est)



also Kweilin

a city in the NE Guangxi Zhuang region, in S China. 364,130.
Quế Lâm
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Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) said its leasing division, DAE Capital, has delivered an Airbus A320-200 aircraft a new customer, Air Guilin, on Thursday.
The State Council has approved establishing a national innovation demonstration zone for sustainable development in Guilin, Southwest Chinas Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, according to a circular released on Feb 24.
As the source of the iconic Li River (along with the Zi and Xun rivers) Cat Mountain feeds the bucolic county of Guilin and supports a river-system of historic consequence for China as a whole.
In 2013, the top five rubber machinery enterprises in China by the revenue from rubber machinery business were: Mesnac, Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group, Tianjin Saixiang Technology and Guilin Rubber Machinery.
WHETHER you want to learn about Shaolin monks, be a panda keeper for the day in Chengdu, or take a boat ride through the mystical waterways of Guilin, China offers a host of holiday possibilities.
The Reds have linked up with Guilin Kingsborn to operate the purpose-built complex in the Guangxi Zhuang region.
On Monday, an explosion outside a primary school in southwest China's Guilin in Guangxi killed two people and injured at least 44 others, many of them schoolchildren.
Police in Guilin have begun a search for illegal explosives in the city, Xinhua said.
A boat ride on the River Li from Guilin to Yangshuo is touristy, but to be on board a modern motorboat weaving its way through | A rice Yangshuo the ancient karsts, each with their unique shapes and their different legends, is a must.
Yu Yuan Gardens, Shanghai | Yu Yuan Gardens, Shanghai F I HAD been plucked from London and dropped in Guilin, I would have instantly known I was in China.

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