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 (gĭn′ĭs), Sir Alec 1914-2000.
British actor known for his extraordinary range of roles. His films include The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), for which he won an Academy Award.


(Biography) Sir Alec. 1914–2000, British stage and film actor. His films include Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949), The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), for which he won an Oscar, and Star Wars (1977); TV roles include Le Carré's George Smiley


(ˈgɪn ɪs)

Sir Alec, 1914–2000, English actor.
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Noun1.Guinness - English stage and screen actor noted for versatility (1914-2000)Guinness - English stage and screen actor noted for versatility (1914-2000)
2.Guinness - a kind of bitter stout
stout - a strong very dark heavy-bodied ale made from pale malt and roasted unmalted barley and (often) caramel malt with hops
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07 (290m): Guinnes Eagle, Young Caesar, Wraysbury Rebel, Acapulca Diva, Yearofthedragon, Ludworth Bubba (W).
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In 2008, the Guinnes World Records stopped listing Stadnyk as the world's tallest man because he refused to be measured by their own experts.
London, February 15 ( ANI ): 26 couples from Thailand have set the Guinnes record for the world's longest hug, by lasting for a staggering 26 hours, 26 minutes and 26 seconds.
Sky Management's business development and marketing manager Ahmad Helal, said he hopes the creation will be recognised as the world's largest privately-owned graffiti wall by the Guinnes World Records.
The company had moved a 4,891-tonne evaporator on 22 January of this year and while Guinness World Records acknowledged then it was a world record it was only recently that Alistair Richards, managing director of Guinnes World Records, came over to Dammam to personally hand over the citation to the president of Almajdouie Group, Abdullah Almajdouie, and the group's vice president for logistics, SI Mustafa.
Artistes including Siddique, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Manoj K Jayan, Unni Mukundan, Kalpana, Lena, Roma, Bhma, Ambika, Mithra Kurian, comedians Kottayam Nazeer, and Guinnes Pakru, Nelson, Ullas Nobi, playback singers Rimi Tomy and Afsal are to perform on stage.
And you've not arrived in Ireland until you have a pint of Guinnes, so Mr Obama nipped into Ollie Hayes pub when he sampled a pint of stout and slapped EUR50 on the counter, declaring: "I want you to know the President pays his bar tab.
Meanwhile, leading comedians from the Malayalam cinema and television industry including Ramesh Pisharady, Suby, Manoj Guinnes and Shibu will also perform at the fest.
The news came despite Tonga'uhia agreeing a five-year deal, reportedly worth more than pounds 1million, with their Guinnes s Premiership rivals Saracens two months ago.
Efallai na fydd y baban newyddanedig y gwyddoch chi amdano'n cyrraedd y Guinnes Book of Records fel Charlie Harris, ond mae digon o dystiolaeth i ddangos bod rhoi llyfr yn anrheg i faban bach yn syniad penigamp.