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 (gĭn′ĭs), Sir Alec 1914-2000.
British actor known for his extraordinary range of roles. His films include The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), for which he won an Academy Award.


(Biography) Sir Alec. 1914–2000, British stage and film actor. His films include Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949), The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), for which he won an Oscar, and Star Wars (1977); TV roles include Le Carré's George Smiley


(ˈgɪn ɪs)

Sir Alec, 1914–2000, English actor.
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Noun1.Guinness - English stage and screen actor noted for versatility (1914-2000)Guinness - English stage and screen actor noted for versatility (1914-2000)
2.Guinness - a kind of bitter stout
stout - a strong very dark heavy-bodied ale made from pale malt and roasted unmalted barley and (often) caramel malt with hops
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Herford and Guinness were in it, and they were blown to pieces along with the field into which they fell.
On September 24, 1759, Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on the rundown brewery in the heart of the capital.
WE may have had the Final of the 2008 Guinness Premiership - the world's elite domestic rugby union tournament - but the excitement doesn't stop there.
GUINNESS drinkers in Britain are about to get their first taste of the brewer's wacky red stout.
A less bitter-tasting version of Guinness is launching in British pubs to tempt occasional fans of the Irish drink.
Guinness drinkers in the UK may be seeing red under plans to test-run a new version of the world-famous stout in a different colour.
Diageo is to advertise its canned Guinness Draught for the first time in five years to support a revamp of the take-home format.
Just watch the films in the DVD box set ``The Alec Guinness Collection'' or watch the British legend's performance in the three-disc DVD set of ``Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,'' the stellar BBC miniseries of John Le Carre's espionage novel.
ITS advertising is as famous as the black stuff itself, and the Liverpool brewery exported gallons of Guinness every year.
MEMORABILIA from Guinness Originals was being celebrated today, at a roadshow at Flanagan's, in Liverpool's Mathew Street.
Brewing giants Guinness have dubbed the waste a "tache tax" after it was uncovered by new scientific research.