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n.1.A person in disguise; a masker; a mummer.
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The saddest of these is the account of fourteen-year-old Anne Wadsworth, stabbed fatally by a cross-dressing guiser, who was carrying a posy to a wedding event.
The masks change, come and go, sometimes we do not know if the guiser is the same or another, whether the mask is the same or another, for the law of this old-new world Harris opens for us is metamorphosis, continuous and subtle and liberating.
There is no better authority on the history of Allendale than 100-year-old Allen Smith, the veteran guiser who still leads the famous New Year Tar Bar'l ceremony in the Market Square.
Of course this year I've got my own wee guiser who will be transformed into Tinkerbell tonight.
A GUISER was attacked by a young woman, who took his sweets and a small amount of cash.
SHAME on the guiser who came to my door on Saturday night and asked: "Why did the skeleton refuse an invite to the party?
Guiser Martin Fairless, 47, dressed as a clown for the parade, said: "The burning of the barrels signifies getting rid of the old year and welcoming in the new.
Three hours of sitting and waiting and there is not a guiser in sight.
PAUL NEWMAN'S movie career could be set for a rebirth thanks to Hollywood's latest craze - Old Guiser Movies.
Jon unconsciously clenched his fist and rose from the table, but Ted gestured for him to sit down, and he did, and then the old man explained: "The Winter Solstice is near, and they always say that around now, the Guiser is on the lookout for virgins to offer their blood up as a sacrifice - to appease Our Mother Nature like.
The men are known as guisers and their right to carry the barrels is passed down from father to son.
Celtic should be used to the fact that down through the years they have had various guisers in their leaky defence.