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Noun1.guitar player - a musician who plays the guitarguitar player - a musician who plays the guitar  
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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TLB's release Soundmind earned accolades as Guitar Player Magazine Editor's Top Three in 2011.
Millington was such a force that Guitar Player magazine named her the "hottest female guitar player" in the business.
It's hard to overstate his influence on guitarists," says former Guitar Player magazine editor Tom Wheeler, who has written extensively about Bloomfield.
Guitar Player magazine called Johnson "one of the most respected guitarists on the planet".
The French-Algerian musician, singer and composer has built up a worldwide reputation as a true guitar virtuoso and was recently voted Best World Music Guitar Player by readers of Guitar Player Magazine.
According to the Hollywood Rock Walk Web site, Guitar Player Magazine named Wylde one of the world's greatest guitarists in 2003.
Juan Martin, voted one of the best flamenco guitarists on the globe by US Guitar Player magazine, will be performing in Wales on Valentine's Day.
World-famous flamenco guitarist Martin, voted among the top three guitarists in the world by Guitar Player magazine, will compose and perform the authentic live soundtrack including songs written by the writer himself.
You've been getting recognition from Guitar Player magazine lately.
In an interview with Guitar Player magazine in 1985, he said: 'I feel that that guitar has become part of me.
Lo han llamado `el mas grande guitarrista viviente'; la revista especializada Guitar Player Magazine le concedio el premio como `Mejor guitarrista pop' durante cinco anos consecutivos y lo ha incluido en su Galeria de los Grandes.
For Guitar Player magazine, the album signals that ``psychedelic guitar is alive and well.